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PulseIR Announces the Launch of its Mobile Technology & Communications Platform with Empower Clinics

The launch of PulseIR will deliver a data-driven, digital IR marketing platform to enhance IR communications and investor engagement.



VANCOUVER, BC, April 20, 2023, PulseIR, (the "Company" or "PulseIR"), an industry leader in driving real-time shareholder communication and engagement with its technology and wallet pass platforms, is pleased to announce the official launch of its PulseIR platform with Empower Clinics, an integrated healthcare company who offers a telemedicine platform for healthcare and diagnostics solutions across the U.S. and Canada. The PulseIR technology will enable Empower Clinics to deliver a personalized, automated, and data-driven mobile IR solution that will unlock a real-time shareholder communications channel, improve their IR results, and drive investor engagement.




PulseIR is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that delivers an automated activation and communications channel for investor relations directly through the mobile wallet. PulseIR simplifies and enhances the way businesses can grow, diversify, engage, and retain their investor base by enabling personalized engagement through mobile lock screen communication. Using the PulseIR platform, companies can send business updates, volume alerts, price action, and more in real-time, directly to investors’ smartphones right as they happen, not just at the end of the day or week. The mobile IR solution brings a business’s IR needs right into the hands of today’s digital-first investors, improving the user experience by consolidating company-wide IR assets into one touchpoint with customized branding, segmentation, and analytics.

The implementation of Empower Clinic’s PulseIR platform will enable:

  • Two-way, direct-to-lock screen messaging between the company and its investors

  • Automated, real-time communication through SMS or push notifications that can be sent immediately or scheduled

  • Segmentation of communication to specific shareholders or groups, or to the company’s entire database of investors

  • Ability to search for specific investors and access contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses

  • Detailed insights and analytics that highlight metrics such as the total number of passes created or downloaded (which can also be segmented by specific investors to see if they downloaded the wallet pass or not)

  • Functionality as a CRM database with CSV import and export capabilities

Steven McAuley, Chairman and CEO of Empower Clinics, states:

“We are very excited to launch the PulseIR platform and Investor Experience Wallet Pass for Empower Clinics. Being able to connect with our shareholders directly through the lock screen at any time will make all the difference in how we acquire, engage, and retain our investors. The new automated communications and marketing channel that we now have through the PulseIR technology will definitely be a game changer for improving our IR strategy and results.”

Rob Anson, CEO, states:

“With the official launch of PulseIR with Empower Clinics, we’re providing the automated tools that many businesses need to transform their existing, often static, IR strategies. The PulseIR platform has generated great momentum in the last few months following its commercial launch, and we look forward to continue scaling our solutions and driving digital transformation in IR together with Empower.”

To get enhanced access to investor information about Empower Clinics, please visit the download page to get your Empower Clinics Investor Experience Wallet Pass today.


About Empower Clinics

Empower Clinics as an integrated healthcare company is developing into a leading provider of clinical trials and research solutions in the U.S. and Canada. With its deep experience and operational expertise in laboratory diagnostics, medical devices and health clinic management, Empower is focused on offering clinical trial services - including clinical trial design, patient recruitment, data management and regulatory compliance for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.


About PulseIR

PulseIR is a mobile investor relations and communications technology platform that provides public companies with the automated tools to deliver a personalized, automated, and data-driven engagement channel for IR. We make it easier than ever for businesses to grow, diversify, engage, and retain their investor base through real-time, mobile lock screen communication that brings IR right into the hands of today’s new age investors. For more information about PulseIR, click here.



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