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Level Up Your Investor Relations With Mobile Wallet Passes

Investor Segmentation


Real-Time Communication

Industry Challenges


Communication has shifted to mobile-first, social-centric, community platforms.


The investor audience has changed with Millennials & Gen Z using new mobile trading platforms.


Communicating with investors is a huge cost centre with no visibility into ROI.

PulseIR is transforming the IR industry with world-first mobile wallet technology.

✓ Know exactly who your investors are
✓ Improve investor retention
✓ Connect to your investors in real-time
✓ Use data-driven segmentation insights
✓ Improve the effectiveness of communications

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Investor Pass

Wallet Pass Gets You Direct Access to Investors

Fully customizable, including branding, data segmentation, and analytics dashboard.

Consolidate your existing platforms into one place for an interoperable user experience.

Personalized, segmented SMS messaging or push notifications direct to the lock screen.

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Turn Your Investor Base From Unknown to Known


Collect investor data through custom surveys to segment them by demographics, investment interests, and accredited investors.


Communicate more effectively with investors by delivering specific and relevant messaging to each segment.


Use the analytics dashboard to measure and improve your investor engagement metrics.

Managed Services

Enhance Your Wallet Pass With Managed Services

We can support your IR team and maximize investor engagement through your wallet pass.

Marketing services


Advisory services


Ready to Level Up?

Contact us to learn more or to get started.

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